Monday, October 21, 2013

The Future of the Independent Insurance Agency Channel

How do we attract younger generations to the insurance industry? Once they are in, how do we keep them engaged and interested? How do we learn how to work together with our differences?

The Independent Insurance Industry is distinct in that there are many different parties involved, from underwriters to agents, customer service reps to claims adjusters. Synergy between business partners is vital for the continued success of the industry. But this alone is not enough to perpetuate the industry into the future.

An overwhelming amount of people involved in the independent insurance industry became involved through a family member. Insurance may not be an attractive industry to those looking from the outside in and everyone can benefit from learning how to harness and captivate young talent.

All Industry Day, taking place on November 5th, will address the future of insurance, how to attract new and interested individuals, and how to create synergy in the workplace. Generational differences should not be viewed as a hindrance, but rather as a way to flow new ideas into the industry that will allow for business progression and optimization. Learn how to understand the younger generations and utilize their fresh concepts at All Industry Day.

The event will prove beneficial to everyone in the Independent Insurance business.  From panelist experts to our keynote speaker, there will be a myriad of influential leaders with invaluable insight into different aspects of insurance.

The Life & Health and Property & Casualty panels offer attendees a total of 3 continuing education credits. The Life & Health panel will focus on the Affordable Health Care Act and what to expect in the next twelve months. The Property & Casualty panel will cover the state of the industry and there will be a discussion on what agents look for in a company and what companies look for in an agency. This panel will analyze the differences in generations and how to manage the differences, how to attract new people to the industry, technology and the generations, and communicating with different generations.

Keynote speaker, Ryan Estis, will leave a lasting impression on our audience through relevant case studies, invaluable perceptiveness of the generations in our workforce today, and motivational call-to-actions. His insight into the overlapping generations in the workplace will prove beneficial to all attendees. 

Technology is ever changing, but instead of feeling bogged down by updates and new changes, we should embrace technology advances. If you are using an agency management system, attend one of the two agency management system courses that will be held in the afternoon to brush up on your expertise. The Applied Systems Update will guide you in the new direction of insurance technology, giving you cutting-edge solutions to powering your business and optimizing your technology. The AMS “Tips and Tricks” course will guide you in optimizing your usage of this software by showing you new features and will also allow time for questions and answers.

Everyone should "Come Together" on November 5th for All Industry Day, but we also need to "Come Together" indefinitely to share new ideas, innovations, and insight to preserve the future of our industry.

Online registration for All Industry ends on October 25th, but you may still register at the door on November 5th at the Irving Convention Center.

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